Wednesday, April 06, 2011

WWDC2010 Session313 LLVM Technologies in Depth

This session covers: Clang in Xcode 4 (Code completion, Fix-it, Indexing and Edit-all-in-scope), Clients of LLVM(LLDB, Integrated assembler).

Using Clang Inside Xcode 4

Many contents have been covered in Session 312. Just more examples.

Benefits of LLDB Design

Higher fidelity expression parsing and evaluation

Support all language constructs

     Inline function, template instantiation   

     Debugger gets new language features

Less platform specific knowledge in the debugger

Can pull in other compiler features: Fix-it, code completion


LLVM Compiler 2.0 have an integrated assembler. We need not generate .s file and parse big text files. It saves much time.

LLVM assembler

Benefits of LLVM Integrated Assembler:

10% f aster builds (for debug builds of many applications)

Better error messages for inline assembly

More useful assembly dumps

WWDC2010 Session313 LLVM Technologies in Depth

Author: Ted Kremenek - Manager, Compiler Frontend Team

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