Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rebuilding Code Sense and Syntax Highlighting on Xcode 4

Sometimes syntax highlighting does not work on Xcode 4. Syntax highlighting is an important feature to developers. But there is no "Rebuild Code Sense" menu on Xcode 4. We can do it with following steps:

1. Xcode menu: Window->Organizer

2. Go to Projects tab

3. Choose your project on the left panel.

4. Click "Delete…" button after the Derived Data on the right panel.

Xcode will start to rebuild code sense of your project.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Diff and Merge Localizable.strings in git

The default code set of Localizable.strings is UTF-16. Actually I don't care what code set it is. But git/gitX/SourceTree does not recognize UTF-16 (Stupid!). They treat UTF-16 Localizable.strings as a binary file and reject to diff or merge. This is a very big problem if you work in a team.

Google says we can make git support UTF-16. I tried, but failed. I have to convert Localizable.strings into UTF-8. (Actually before converting, I have manually merged by myself.) Surprisingly, git/SourceTree still says it is a binary file and cannot diff. It's OK. Just commit. Git says it just because the history files are still UTF-16. If you make any new changes, git can diff and merge it. Great!